Reclaiming our Communities

Let's Build a City and Region that Works for People

People's Platform
We are Southwest Pennsylvania residents who believe in the need for radical change of our economic and political system.

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Be part of Community Power Movement in Pittsburgh.


We are part of a Global Movement for Local and Global Democracy and Justice.

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National policies have favored corporate globalization and economic growth at the expense of our environment and communities. At the same time, national party politics have divided us in ways that have made it impossible to address growing problems of aging urban infrastructures, health care, climate change, and the lack of stable jobs that pay a living wage. We are a group of Allegheny County residents working to demand more people-centered policies that place human rights and community well-being over corporate profits. Starting with our neighborhoods, we will reclaim and rebuild our cities and local economies for a more equitable, just, and sustainable system. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

This site is designed to help us build community assemblies to enhance local democracy and community power, making us better able to deal with the financial and ecological challenges our society faces. We'll help each other learn about projects that build community power and support initiatives to implement such projects in our networks. We cannot wait for solutions to come from Washington or even from local governments. But if we start with our neighborhoods we can begin solving some of the problems residents face and declare our independence from big corporations and corrupt politics.