MARCH 31 PANEL: Pittsburgh’s Economic Revitalization: Technology, Corporate Power, and Democratic Accountability

Saturday March 31, 11:00AM -1:00PM
Human Services Building, 1 Smithfield St., Liberty Room
Downtown Pittsburgh


  • Kelauni Cook, Founder and CEO, Black Tech Nation
  • Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Chris Potter, WESA
  • Laura Wiens, Director, Pittsburghers for Public Transit

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As the City of Pittsburgh seeks to attract Amazon’s 2nd headquarters, residents of Pittsburgh are invited to consider how our city’s efforts to transform itself from an industrial to a globally competitive, high-tech economy impacts the human rights and priorities of residents. Why have our elected officials resisted court orders to release the details about the public subsidies the city is offering in order to attract Amazon’s HQ2? Will the city’s work to be a leading center in self-driving vehicles and to promote research on artificial intelligence help bring good jobs here? Will these efforts to appeal to outside corporate investment ultimately help advance the quality of life for all Pittsburgh residents? How do foundations and other powerful actors shape corporate influence over our city’s development? Would this development advance the City’s earlier commitments to improve equity and affordable housing in our city? If not, how can we work as a community to make better deals?

Agenda August 1 2017

Six Point Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Facilitator opening: overview of agenda
  3. History of work so far
  4. Overview of platform and discussion
  5. Overview of Proposed structure and organizing plan
  6. Next steps and meeting schedule